Weed Spinner Weed Removal Tool

Weed Spinner weed removal tool spins out weeds in one whirling motion!

Eco-Friendly - No Chemicals - Stop Pulling Weeds By-HandSpins out weeds roots and all

• Weed Spinner garden tool works with any cordless or electric drill
• Removes weeds and entire roots with one spinning motion
• Works on any surface for weed control (gravel, rock, gardens)
• Weed Spinner weed remover even takes out tree seedlings 
• Save time plus your back and knees
• No more bending down
• Eco-Friendly - No Chemicals 

Works great in all types of soil...even gravel!

Weed Removal tool Before After Weed Spinner weeding tool

■ Weed Spinner Makes a Great Gift (drill not included).
■ This product is so good your neighbor will want one.
■ It’s called the Greener-De-Weeder weeding tool

No Bending! Saves back and knees!

Buy 1 for $12.45

U.S. shipping $4.49 (excluding Alaska, Hawaii). Canada shipping $9.49. Australia shipping $17.00. Outside U.S. shipments require a phone number for delivery.

Buy 2 for $21.95

Takes the work out of weeding in one spinning motion!

BUY 3 FOR $29.95

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